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Narrow band resampler (NSSNBR)

The narrow band resampler can be very useful IP core for modern software defined radio based communication receivers. The resampler block allows the communication designer to work with different types of algorithms in communication receivers, irrespective of sampling frequency.

In most of the available resampler cores the required interpolation (P) and decimation (Q) values need to be programmed by external logic, by which one can statically decide on the required rate conversion for a certain fixed input and output sample rates. These codes don’t allow run time configuration of the resampling factor.

The NSSNBR overcomes both these drawbacks. This NBR accepts the predefined code for required frequency and then automatically configures the resampler in few clock cycles. Hence there is no need for the external logic to compute the P and Q values for required resampling factor. The major advantage with this NBR is the ability to switch to any resampling factor with an external control word. This is achieved using state of the art dynamic clock switching features given in Virtex-4 and Virtex-5 FPGAs and NSS’s Dynamic FIR filter cores.

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