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Cross Correlation Suite

Product Overview

Finding the time difference between two signals is a field of interest in many military and civilian applications. The Military problems are more challenging and needs specialized algorithms and an appropriate data fusion mechanism to produce accurate results. Addressing the challenges of low SNR and lower bandwidths the NSSCC provides FPGA cores for computing accurate TDOA.

NSSCC is a sophisticated cross correlation suite implemented on FPGA reconfigurable logic. The suite consists of all components that are required for estimating the Time Difference Of Arrival (TDOA) under a variety of conditions and process. It is suitable for further Location Fixing (LF) application.

The Suite consists of three libraries each consists of several components in the form of configurable IPs, which are built on signal processing algorithms which is outcome of decades of research in this domain.
  • Date processing library
  • TDOA estimation library
  • Statistical DSP library
The NSSCC is first in its class being offered as an IP, with all types of TDOA estimation methods including time domain, frequency domain, adaptive and parametric approaches.

Targeted Applications
  • TDOA based LF systems
  • Search / Monitoring / LF
  • Spectrum surveillance
  • Bio medical (ECG analysis)
  • Data processing library consists of components to format the data, move across clock domains and perform loss less compression and decompression.
  • TDOA estimation library posses the components with cross correlation algorithms implemented on FPGA platform. The IPs provide controls to various compile time and run time parameters to yield better results.
  • The statistical DSP library consists of components by which user can build any cross correlation algorithm with new techniques.
  • The three libraries come with Simulink drivers for enabling simulation in MATLAB with Xilinx System generator.
  • Minimal FPGA area occupancy is achieved with highly optimized modules as per the Xilinx FPGA architecture.
  • Supports all Xilinx FPGA types – Spartan 3, 3E, 3A, 6, Virtex – 2, 4, 5 , 6.
  • Synthesized netlist and wrapper VHDL files.
  • Chipscope drivers to further debug the results at different stages.
  • One year warranty and technical support over mail/web after product installation.
Ordering information and support

Part number: NSSCC_1.7
1 year mail/web support

Contact ip@nsscomm.com for data sheets and pricing information.

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