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Signal Interception and Recording IP core

Product Overview

NSSSIR is a configurable signal interception and recording IP core which can be very useful for signal monitoring applications. The core provides 3 modes of operation.
  1. Signal interception and reporting mode
  2. Automatic interception and capturing mode
  3. Monitoring mode

The core is capable of capturing both narrow band and wide band signals. The core has complex I/Q input and perfectly integrates with NSS wideband DDC and narrow band DDC cores to result in full spectrum search application.

The IP has a configurable FFT core spectrum estimator which gives the frequency spectrum details to report builder. An M-channel dynamic tuning and filtering module is used in automatic interception mode. The Core is capable of monitoring min. upto 5KHz bandwidth, so it is very much suitable for signal monitoring applications of military communication signals.

Contact ip@nsscomm.com for more information.

Targeted Applications
  • Search / Monitoring / LF
  • LPI signal detection - COMINT
  • Spectrum surveillance

IP for Military signal intelligence on FPGA

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