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Reconfigurable COMSIG generator

Product Overview

NSSCOMSIG is a reconfigurable communication signal generator with PC controlled FPGA core to generate all most all types of communication signals. This core can be installed on any family of Xilinx FPGA with very minimal area occupancy. The core generated output shall emulate the digitized signal coming from ADCs. This allows users to use any low cost FPGA board for developing communication signal algorithms, avoiding the necessity of costly ADC boards during the initial stage of product development.

With this core the user can generate different communication signal conditions in FPGA by which the user function/ algorithm can be checked efficiently. The core is capable of generating even spread spectrum signals with several parameters controllable through PC GUI. The PC can communicate with FPGA core by UART serial communication.

The core can emulate all practical signal conditions such as AWGN and multipath fading with user selectable parameters.

The core can be viewed as sophisticated on chip function generator for non communication applications. The product is shipped with optional hardware unit by which any FPGA board can be used for instantiating this core and testing the user function.

Please contact ip@nsscomm.com for more technical and commercial details.

Targeted Applications
  • Development and testing of FPGA based SDRs
  • Base band simulators
  • Spread spectrum radios
  • 3G and 4G radios

IP for Military signal intelligence on FPGA

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