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IP solutions

NSS Communications is IP solutions and Products Company serving for military and civilian clients. Our IP solutions enable the designer to deploy systems with state of the art DSP techniques implemented on modern FPGAs. Our tools and products based on model driven approach are addressing complex DSP requirements, by which FPGA based system design is made easier.

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NSS can provide custom IP solutions right from algorithm to RTL/C targeted for FPGA/processor platform. In our IP development approach we involve the customers to large extent to ensure that the IP meets full end to end requirements and integrates well in the whole system context. Typical stages in custom IP development are listed below.

  • Understanding the requirements and analyzing the target hardware platform
  • Proposing various algorithmic/architectural options to meet the requirements
  • Algorithm modeling in MATLAB/C and demonstration to client
  • Code development and functional level verification
  • Performance analysis and optimization
  • IP deployment at client’s place with suitable documents and usermanuals
  • Further support in handling integration issues

NSS offers FPGA and ASIC IP solutions with flexible licensing models, to meet requirements of all class of system developers. Follow the IP licensing page for more details. Depending on the nature of the IP and client requirements NSS can enter in non-disclosure agreement to ensure the IP rights and security aspects. Please send your requirements to ip@nsscomm.com

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