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IP solutions
NSS Communications is IP solutions and Products Company serving for military and civilian clients.

Our IP solutions enable the designer to deploy systems with state of the art DSP techniques implemented on modern FPGAs. Our tools and products based on model driven approach are addressing complex DSP requirements, by which FPGA based system design is made easier.
Design Solutions
NSS Communications has capability to provide system level solutions right from specifications. We are specialized in developing solutions for modern mobile communication systems. Our expertise include design and development of broadband spread spectrum communication links for special military applications. We also provide SDR solutions which become useful in several military applications.

NSS communications core focus is on DSP and communication IPs to meet ever growing military and latest mobile communication requirements. However NSS has essential embedded interface and control related IPs which are required for providing full integrated solution.
  • Embedded Security
  • Embedded Interfaces
News & Events

MAR 2011
Release of Virtex 5&6 tested Optimized DDC and Com IPs

AUG 2011
Demonstration of Narrowband and wideband resamplers on Virtex6

FEB 2012
Participation in EWCI - 2012, Bangalore, INDIA.

MAR 2012
Release of non standard TDM deframmer for Virtex6 FPGAs and I7 processor

JUNE 2012
Complete IP suite for FPGA based TDOA system

MAR 2013
Release of optimized TDOA cores for I7 processor on Linux OS

MAY 2013
Showcasing TDM interception IPs

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